Current Construction

Updated: 1/3/2017

McKibbin Commons


Located in the Father Blanchet Park Neighborhood, our next project is a 10-home subdivision named after former Board President and long-time supporter John McKibbin. The families who will become successful new homeowners at this site will each be a testament to his faith in this community and his belief in giving a hand-up to those in need.

With your support, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity aims to complete McKibbin Commons, its largest build to-date, by the end of 2017.

Road infrastructure, utility installation and land leveling has already happened. Four of the foundations are in and six more will be coming soon. We are now starting framing for our Women Build Home. Two of the homes will be built in partnership with the Geometry in Construction program at Evergreen and Mountain View High Schools and two will be built in partnership with the YouthBuild program.

Volunteers can expect to be doing a wide variety of tasks when coming to site. It is important to dress for the weather, and be prepared to get dirty!

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