Orientation Step 4

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Code of Ethics and Conduct

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

In pursuit of this mission, Evergreen Habitat strives to make your volunteer participation safe, fun-filled, educational, and rewarding. When you accept a volunteer role with Habitat for Humanity, you are committing to act in a way that promotes Habitat’s mission, respects the local community, and ensures the safety of all participants. We think that we will be most successful at this if everyone agrees to follow the same Code of Ethics and Conduct, which has been written to reflect Evergreen Habitat for Humanity’s Core Values.

Please read through the statements below and make your commitment to the Evergreen Habitat Code of Ethics and Conduct.


  • I am responsible for my own safety and the safety of others.
  • I will not put myself or others at risk or try to complete tasks I am not capable of completing.
  • I will always wear the proper safety equipment when completing a task (hard hat, safety glasses, etc.)
  • I will report and problems and/or safety concerns to the Construction Manager/Site Supervisor/Volunteer Coordinator.
  • I will uphold a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs and weapons: The purchase or possession of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited on Habitat for Humanity property and volunteer sites.


  • I will be available and dependable. If I cannot fulfill my commitments, I will notify the volunteer coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I will exercise discretion and confidentially when dealing with sensitive matters regarding participants in Habitat’s programs, donors, and/or other volunteers.


  • I will enter into my volunteer role with a commitment to integrity, cooperation, collaboration, and team building.
  • I will follow the gift giving policy: To avoid potential misunderstandings, embarrassment, injured feelings or jealousy, volunteers are asked not to exchange gifts with Habitat beneficiaries, staff members or community members without consulting Habitat staff.
  • I will safeguard ministry assets: Use reasonable care to protect and safeguard all Habitat for Humanity assets. Stealing, misappropriation or diversion of Habitat for Humanity funds, property, or other assets for personal benefit is not permitted nor is otherwise engaging in fraudulent activity regarding Habitat for Humanity’s assets, operations, or beneficiaries.


  • If I am unsure about something, I will ask for help, as it avoids many problems down the road.
  • I will be responsive and helpful when asked questions and will expect the same of those to whom I make inquires.
  • I recognize that I am part of a volunteer-led organization and will hold myself accountable for the quality and completion of all work I commit to doing.


  • I will follow the highest ethical standards in all of my dealings associated with Evergreen Habitat.
  • I am accountable for all my actions towards fellow volunteers, Habitat staff, program participants and the general public with whom I come in contact as part of my role with Habitat.
  • I will maintain confidentiality: Build trust with other volunteers and Habitat for Humanity by respecting the confidentiality of volunteers, staff, Habitat beneficiaries, and community members.


  • I will treat all individuals I encounter at Habitat with a sense of dignity, respect and worth, and will be considerate of how my actions and words affect those with whom I am in contact.
  • I will respect each individual’s human rights and will not discriminate or harass any fellow member, volunteer, or activity participant. If I witness or experience acts of discrimination or harassment I will report it immediately, to the Construction Manager/Site Supervision/Volunteer Coordinator.

Policies & Procedures

  • I understand that failure to follow this Code of Ethics and Conduct may result in immediate release  from my volunteer responsibilities at Evergreen Habitat.

I understand that Evergreen Habitat has the right to release me from my volunteer position at its discretion. I also understand that I am responsible for any costs that I may incur due to a violation of the code of conduct. I have read the above Code of Ethics and Conduct. By signing my name below, I agree to adhere to the expectations laid out by Habitat.

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