Adams Family Home Dedication


As anyone who has bought a home and lived in Clark County for any length of time knows, this is a great area to raise a family. Christi Adams certainly agrees. On Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 1:00 pm, Christi and her two children Cheyenne and Brendon, found out what it was like  for the first time to call a home their own. Christi told Habitat, “I would love to allow my children to be children while they can be. I would love for them to be able to ride their bikes outside, play in a yard and enjoy where they live.” For Cheyenne and Brendon, that dream became a reality on that sunny Sunday afternoon.  Little Cheyenne and Brendon have watched over the last six months as their home went from being an empty lot to a beautiful 1200 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom home. With Thrivent Financial as the sponsor, and over 4,000 hours in volunteer labor, Christi, Cheyenne and Brendon, rang in the New Year in their long awaited home.  Evergreen Habitat celebrated with Thrivent Financial, the house sponsor, as keys were presented to the 25th Habitat family.   

 Keeping her family under one consistent roof has been a struggle for Christi who at one point was homeless from losing a job five years ago. She dug deep, got back on her feet and continued to work hard to provide a safe affordable place for her family. Christi has put in close to 400 sweat equity hours not only on her home but on other Habitat homes as well. Owning her own home was a dream that seemed out of reach to Christi until the day she applied with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. When asked what she was thankful for, Christi simply said this, “Without Habitat, we would have no hope of owning a home. We’re fortunate to live in a place where this program exists. We’re grateful to everyone.”