Evergreen Habitat Dedicates 29th Home, November 17th.

Danforth dedication flyer final

When we asked Nikki Danforth about her family she said, “We are a very strong and determined family and have worked real hard to get to where we are now and getting selected to receive a house has only given us more goals to push towards.” Nikki, a medical assistant for Legacy Health Systems since February of 2010, and her two boys, Coby 15 years old and Dakoda who is 11, are looking forward to a new start for themselves. Coby, who is a strong student, loves architecture and math.   Dakoda loves to build things and also enjoys school.

Nikki who was encouraged by family members to apply for the program, because she had a good stable job yet couldn’t obtain a conventional loan.  Even though she wasn’t selected the first time she applied, she didn’t give up because she wanted to provide a better home life that was stable for her children and she applied a second time and was selected.  

Join us in celebration along with the Evergreen School District on November 17th at 2:00 pm, at 3715 Lincoln Ave.,  Vancouver, WA