Community Service

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity welcomes volunteers who are required by a court or school to do community service.  While all of our volunteer opportunities are open to such volunteers, the time frame required for the hours completion typically means that an individual may need to volunteer in multiple areas or agencies.


Community Service includes anyone who must fulfill:

  • School Ordered (for discipline or graduation requirements)
  • Court Ordered

To be eligible to complete your court ordered community service, your sentence must involve;

  • No convictions of a violent nature
  • No convictions of an offense of a sexual nature
  • No convictions of theft or burglary

Please note that an exception may be made for a theft first offense of a minor nature.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for questions on charges of theft.


All community service volunteers must complete the online orientation process before being scheduled to work.

After reviewing the policies on this page, volunteers must also complete a confidential Community Service Acknowledgement form.  You can bring your completed form to the office or to your first volunteer shift.


Scheduling volunteer time

After completing the online orientation, you may sign up for shifts on Volunteer Spot.  It is highly recommended that you schedule in advance in order to ensure availability.

Rescheduling/canceling time

24 Hours notice must be given to cancel or reschedule BEFORE your scheduled shift.  If you fail to comply you will not be able to complete your community service hours at Evergreen Habitat for Humanity.


  • Must arrive on-time and stay until end of assigned shift
  • Must sign in and out upon arrival and departure


Must be dressed appropriately for the volunteer assignment.  If you have questions about what this includes or excludes, ask the Volunteer Coordinator


  • Must treat Habitat staff, volunteers and others with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Must use polite and appropriate language

Reasons for Termination

If a volunteer fails to comply with policy or behaves inappropriately, Habitat may terminate the relationship with the volunteer.  Specific examples for dismissal include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling to cancel on more than one occasion
  • Failing to show up on more than one occasion
  • Failing to provide adequate notice when not reporting for service
  • Falsifying hours on volunteer log-in sheet
  • Behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate/unacceptable by Habitat staff

Time Sheets

You will be responsible for signing in and out on the Habitat sign in sheet each shift that you work.  Only hours that are recorded on the sign in sheet will be recorded towards your required community service.

What to do if you need a letter confirming your hours

Once your hours are complete, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the Habitat office at (360) 737-1759. You will need to bring your form to the Habitat main office for a final signature and so we can make a copy for our records. At that time, you will then be given a letter on Habitat letterhead confirming your volunteer hours. At least 2 business days are needed, so please do not wait until the last minute.


If you have any additional questions involving completion of community service hours, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (360) 737-1759.

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