Home Ownership

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity provides the opportunity for hardworking families currently living in Clark and Skamania counties and surrounding areas to become successful homeowners. Habitat offers a ‘hand-up, not a handout’ by making it possible for struggling families to own their own home.  Family partners are selected based on meeting three criteria:

1) Need:
Successful applicants must demonstrate that their current housing does not meet their family’s needs. If your current residence is inadequate because of overcrowding, mold, or structural damage, you may qualify for a Habitat home.

Each family must verify that their annual income falls between thirty and fifty percent of the median income which is determined by HUD guidelines.

Year 2010 Guidelines (HUD published information for Clark County)
Family Size 30% Median 50% Median
One $14,950 $24,950
Three $19,250 $32,050
Five $23,100 $38,450
Seven $26,500 $44,150

2) Ability to Pay:
Partner families purchase Habitat homes with zero to one percent interest mortgage payments that do not exceed thirty percent of their monthly income. The payments enter a revolving fund used to build future Habitat homes. Evergreen Habitat considers credit history, employment and debt-to-income ratio to determine a family’s ability to make regular payments and to cover closing costs.

3) Willingness to Partner:
Evergreen Habitat partner families are involved in all aspect of homebuilding. They commit to working 500 volunteer ‘sweat equity’ hours (300 for single parent) with Habitat from the time they are selected to the home dedication. Not all hours must be completed on the job site; we have many office and event volunteer opportunities as well.

After attending an annual mandatory orientation, families receive a homeownership application. The application must be completed by a pre-determined deadline. Habitat schedules a home visit for all families that meet the partnership criteria. A family selection committee then determines the partner families based on need and the number of houses Evergreen Habitat plans to complete during the year.

Partnership Phase
Because Habitat homes are built primarily by volunteers and the partner families, construction typically takes about nine months but can take longer. Evergreen Habitat will notify family partners of ground breaking and build dates.

Partner families are expected to participate in Evergreen Habitat events and fundraisers. The organization relies on compelling family stories to generate interest in volunteering and fundraising which are a vital part of Habitat’s ability to build homes.

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