How it works


Benefits of a Group Build

By participating in Group Build, you and your teammates will learn to communicate more effectively, break down barriers, build trust, and create new ways to relate to one another. At the same time, you will be giving a family in need a hand up while making a positive, tangible impact on the Clark County Community.

What we provide

  • On-site supervision by a professional construction manager and site supervisor
  • Assignment of tasks based on interest, skill level and type of work available
  • Tools and training will be provided on the site
  • Orientation of Habitat’s mission for your group including a Safety Training overview
  • Should your group decide to sponsor a build day, we will provide you with more options seen here.

What you provide

  • A Group Captain to coordinate the build day volunteers including ensuring all volunteers have filled out the necessary forms including the Release and Waiver of Liability and Volunteer Medical Emergency Information the day of the build
  • Transportation to and from the build site
  • Any additional refreshments and/or lunch required by group beyond what is included in your selected group package
  • Feel free to bring your own tools, gloves, etc. if you have them

What’s next?

  • Complete the Group Build Interest Form
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Cochrun at (360) 737-1759 or to schedule build day
  • Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your build day preferences but may not be able to schedule you right away.

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