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2017 Partner Families

The Bautista-Reyes Family

Maximino Bautista and Catalina Reyes were selected for our homeownership program in the fall of 2015. They have three wonderful children, Cesar (12), Lizeth (10) and Liliana (2). At 8 months old, Lizeth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a disorder that impairs the brain and nervous system functions. Although Lizeth is now 10 years old, she is unable to do things a child her age can do and she relies on care for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Catalina stays home to care for the children while Max works full time.
The family of five currently live in an overcrowded two bedroom townhouse. Lizeth needs her own room for her medical equipment, causing the rest of the family to share the small space that is left. With their children growing and rent encompassing a majority of their income, the Bautista family looks forward to the overall well-being their family will gain from a Habitat home.
Construction started on the family’s home  in December. Their home is being built through our partnership with YouthBuild Vancouver. The youth have been hard at work over the past two months and Max and Catalina have been right there with them. “They are amazing, hardworking and dedicated. They come early, they work until we’re done and they always stay until the last possible moment. They are always upbeat and super excited and really involved in what they do,” describes Julianne Reno, AmeriCorps Construction Crew Lead. We have loved working with this family and eagerly await the day the get to move in to their beautiful new home.

2016 Partner Families

The Tandberg Family

Family in the ParkChristi and Christopher Tandberg married later in life and had three kids close together; Michael, Olivia, and David. Christi was recently diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome which has greatly impacted her ability to keep a job. Because of this she is unable to work. The family is supported by Christopher’s income alone.  He does not make much money which causes the family to struggle financially and live pay check to pay check.

Before purchasing their new Habitat home, the family lived in a rented duplex. Their duplex had many issues associated with it from mold throughout the home, to the wall heater that spontaneously caught on fire. The family struggled to maintain the safety for the children.

The family of five are now proud owners of their very own home built by students in the Geometry in Construction program at Mountain View High School.

“We would like to live in a place that is better for our children and we know that Habitat can provide our family that.” Christi Tandberg

The Patterson Family img_9985

The Pattersons are a thriving family of three, Melinda, and her two sons Connor and Tristan.  They are a fun and lively trio.  Things haven’t always been easy though.  Melinda suffers from mental health and physical disabilities and has worked hard to overcome both and provide a stable home for her two boys.  On a fixed income, with two growing boys and rising rents in Vancouver, stable housing has been a challenge.

Melinda worked though Second Step program and after her successful completion, she was referred to Evergreen Habitat.  After being selected for homeownership, she quickly went to work on her sweat equity hours in the office.  She has helped on many projects and enjoys getting to help in a capacity that helps others.

Conner, who is going into the third grade and who loves school, says his favorite subjects are  music, PE and math.  Tristan, who is four, enjoys playing with legos and he can’t wait to have his own room to work on his lego masterpieces.

The family of three now live in a Habitat home built by YouthBuild Vancouver!

“I can’t wait to have a place of our own, to start a new life and have a place where we can make memories and not be afraid of where we are going to live next ,“ Melinda Patterson

The Garringer Family img_0340

Ken Garringer moved into his home in the summer of 2016. His home was built in partnership with Evergreen High School through their Geometry in Construction program. Over ten years ago, Ken was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that has caused him to be legally blind. Today, he has 10% of his vision. This gets smaller every year until he is no longer able to see. “I have a degenerative eye disease that will cause me to be permanently blind in a matter of years, and has already cost me my job. Before this program, I feared I would be homeless, but because of Habitat, I found stability again.”

2015 Partner Families

The Frost Family _MG_8427

Charles and Michelle met eight years ago at the Share House when they were both facing a difficult time in their lives.  Though hard work and determination, Charles, who is a  veteran from the U.S. Navy, found a part time job in 2007 at UPS.  Today, they are married and the parents of three children:  Charles, Serenity,  and Katelynn.  Charles told Habitat, “I feel like we have worked really hard to be where we are today.”

The Frosts, a family of five, were living in a space that is just 700 square feet with only two bedrooms, and are paying more than 50% of their income in rent before they moved into their Habitat home.

“This is a great opportunity for us, our family will have a chance to thrive in our new Habitat home, we are so grateful!”

The Bachmeier Family

The Bachmeiers have been married since 2005, middle school sweethearts since 1996.  Sameena and Matthew Bachmeier attended their first Habitat meeting in 2004, but were not able to apply for a home at that time. Matthew sustained a back injury at work that left him without the ability to bend over. He has consistent pain issues and is no longer able to lift his children: Christian, Kasandra, and Kylee.  Unable to return to work L&I, dropped him and left the family with no pay, and no insurance

Before they moved into their Habitat home, Sameena was working two 326part-time jobs to support the family. “It seemed like a choice every month: bills, food, or pay rent, one is left behind often.” There were constant battles, in their previous living situation from trying to get the nicotine off the walls left by the previous renter to having a year round mold and bug infestation. The landlord was unsympathetic to the unsuitable conditions.

Now the family of five live in their beautiful rehabilitated home in the wonderful Hough neighborhood.

“I can only dream of having my own mortgage, it sounds funny, but the word gives me goose bumps of excitement,” Sameena Bachmeier.


2014 Partner Families

The West Family IMG_6335

A single dad of two and no stranger to hard work, Douglas West is a lifelong carpenter who works full time as a driver for a concrete company. Before moving into their new Habitat home, the family of three resided in a two bedroom duplex where Doug and his 15 year old son, Kody, shared a bedroom. Cheyenne, his 13 year old daughter had her own room, which Doug has always felt is very necessary for a girl.

Doug is a recovering addict and has been clean for 7 and a half years. “I am just now, at 44 years old, starting to live the kind of life I dreamed of when I was younger.” Doug’s dream of home ownership was finally realized as he and his two children moved into their new home.

“I have always dreamed of having a house for my kids to grow up in, and I feel excited and grateful for the opportunity and possibility of that dream being fulfilled by being able to build a home with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity.”


2013 Partner Families

The Krahn Family

After applying twice for the Evergreen Habitat for Humanity housing program, they were selected for the home ownership program.  They have fulfilled all the requirements of sweat equity, attended Krawn Family - Copyeducational classes and saved for their down payment through the IDA SHARE program.

Michelle and Wyatt along with their children, Haylee (4), Kyler (11), Kaden (10), and Jack (17 months), said good bye to their small, two bedroom, over-crowded apartment as they were selected to purchase a refurbished four-bedroom home.  Their children will no longer have to share three to a bedroom and have a nice yard to safely play in, in the quiet Lincoln neighborhood.

Michelle said that when they applied, they didn’t think the program was real, that it was just another program that you hear about.  ”I was shocked when I received the call that we were accepted.  I really did think it was too good to be true,” said Michelle.

The Murphy Family

murphyKathy Murphy is a school teacher raising four children in a two bedroom, one bathroom unit. Kathy says that her “home is overcrowded, but we keep it filled with love.”

Kathy’s four children, Kristen (16), Katelynn (14), Kayla (10), and Kyle (9), are all involved in sports, music, reading, and the outdoors. When her youngest child was just a baby, Kathy became a single mother, and was determined to give her children the most positive living environment possible, where they could grow in happiness. Kathy was able to obtain her Oregon Teaching License in August of 2008, reaching a goal that she’s had since she was a child. She could not have met this goal without the support from her family, friends, and a scholarship received through The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

Since graduation, Kathy has been a substitute teacher for the Multnomah Education Service District, but due to budget cuts in Oregon, she decided it would be best to obtain a Washington Teaching Certificate and search for full time employment. Despite the years of hardships, Kathy still feels that she is incredibly blessed and grateful to have the wonderful extended family and friends that enrich their lives with joy.

The Ziesemer Family

The Ziesemer family is made up of parents Dennis and Sherri, and their six children, two of which still live at home. Dennis, a contractor, dennis and sherri table tenthas struggled over the last few years to find steady, full-time employment.  As a result, the family has moved a number of times in order to sustain a living. At one point, Dennis even lived in a separate state for work. Dennis and Sherri have both struggled with serious health issues that have affected their lives and ability to work. Sherri was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, and two years later Dennis was diagnosed with stage III Colon Cancer.

The combination of medical bills and a lack of stable employment have made retaining a suitable living situation challenging. Their current residence lacks the sufficient amenities needed to keep Sherri and Dennis as healthy as possible. With strong faith in God and a drive to keep moving forward, they applied for the Habitat program.  Their dream is “to live in a home where it is comfortable year around, alleviating the major temperature changes from the home we currently live in. Warmth and comfort, pure and simple,” said Dennis.

The Danforth Family

The Danforth family is made up of Nikki and her two sons, Coby (15) and Dakoda (11). Nikki has been a medical assistant for Legacy Health Systems since February of 2010. danforthShe and her two sons are looking forward to a new start for themselves in their Habitat home. Coby is a strong student and loves architecture and math. Dakoda loves to build things and also enjoys school.

Nikki was encouraged by family members to apply for Evergreen Habitat’s program because she had a stable job yet couldn’t obtain a conventional loan to buy a home.  Even though she wasn’t selected the first time she applied, Nikki didn’t give up on her desire to provide a stable home for her children. She applied a second time and was selected!

When we asked Nikki about her family she said, “We are a very strong and determined family and have worked real hard to get to where we are now and getting selected to receive a house has only given us more goals to push towards.”


2012 Partner Families

The Adams Family

Christi Adams knows what it’s like having to grow up in an overcrowded family home.  She is one of 12 adams family for programchildren and grew up watching her family struggle to find suitable housing.  As an adult she struggled to find permanent shelter for herself and her two children, Cheyenne (9) and Brendon (7) and they found themselves homeless. Through hard work and determination Christi found employment as a customer service representative at Care Medical Equipment and rose up out of the shelter to find temporary housing through Second Step Housing.  She eventually moved on to an apartment but the insecurity of rising rent and poor living conditions still loomed over her family.

With encouragement from a friend who had received a Habitat home earlier in the year, and the desire to find a stable home for her children, Christi applied for Evergreen Habitat’s program and was selected!


2011 Partner Families

The Griffin Family

Last January, Lindsay Griffin, a merchant teller at US Bank, and her children, Dakota, Dajah and Pacino, were selected to receive the seventh and final home to be built in Evergreen Habitat’s Patten Park development.

The hard-working single mother currently rents a cramped two-bedroom house with water damage.

“Knowing that my children and I will have a place that we can call a home is something I’ll never be able to express enough gratitude for. We’re excited for the construction to begin!”

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The Cabrera Family

Cristino Cabrera, a former police officer in the Mariana Islands who now works as a security guard for Southwest Washington Medical Center, and Lucrecia Tudela, a stay-at-home mom, are looking forward to a new start for themselves and their four children: Ritaciah, Champ, Ky and Tyce.

The family’s goal is simple; however the practice of living comfortably and safely can be a challenge for a family of six sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Currently, the four children share the master bedroom while Christino and Lucrecia take the smaller room.

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The Bastidas Family

Keeping the family under one consistent roof has been a struggle for Bastidas family who had to relocate several times due to rising rent.

The lease on their two-bedroom apartment is the first they have been able to renew in three years.

Deseré, a cashier at WinCo Foods, and Miguel, who is self-employed as a courier while working as a collections agent for Receivables Performance Management, want a stable, permanent home for their children.

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2010 Partner Families

The Soria Family

When Maria (Malou) Soria and her daughter, Angelina Jean, were selected as family partners, the two were living in a basement apartment that frequently flooded during heavy rain. The kitchen and bathroom were shared with other renters.

Last January, the family moved into their Patten Park home. Malou says her favorite part about owning her home is that she can now cook meals in her own kitchen.

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The Jatskovski Family

Before moving into their Habitat home, the Jatskovski family of seven lived in a four-bedroom apartment. Their living conditions made it impossible for the family to eat meals at the same time around the same table. In the morning, all family members had to take turns getting ready in the apartment’s single bathroom.

Now, Alexandr, Natalja, Alina, Dmitri, David, Mark and Larissa can comfortably spend quality time together in their new Patten Park home.

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