There are many ways to contribute to Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. Below are some of our most popular giving options.




Planned and Honorary Giving

Donate by Mail

Clark County has one of the highest median rents of any metropolitan area in the state. For families with incomes between 30 and 50 percent of the median, it is nearly impossible to rent decent housing at fair market value.  For low-income families this means:

  • Having to choose between paying rent and purchasing adequate food, paying bills or buying health insurance;
  • Moving frequently due to rent increases;
  • Living in crowded and unsafe conditions; and
  • Not being able to save for their family’s future.

Your support helps provide permanent, affordable housing for Habitat partner families. Your donation enters a “revolving fund” initially used to buy materials acquire land. After the home is built, the partner family pays a zero to one percent interest mortgage used to build future Habitat homes.

Your generosity will continue to improve communities and build homes for Clark County residents for generations.