Women Build Tool Kit

Evergreen Habitat’s Women Build volunteers are not only building the Bastidas family home, they are also the home sponsors raising funds to complete the build. Each participant has been asked to contribute or raise $150 to help Habitat reach its fundraising goal of $60,000 which is the cost of constructing the home.

To help our volunteers reach their goal, Habitat has put together a list of fundraising ideas and individual fundraising pages that volunteers may share to raise funds online.

1- Create a fundraising page to share with friends and family
Go to our Women Build FirstGiving site to create your page now.

2- Create a promotional email
Send an email to friends and family. Be sure to include why the program is important to you and ask them to forward the email and information on to others.

3- Make a poster
Hang it in your office, church or favorite buisness.

4- Use social media
Use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your personal blog to talk about the build.

5- A little goes a long way
Ask for small donations if more seems like too much. If 15 people give you $10, you’ve met your goal!

6- Plan a fundraiser
Brainstorm ideas for creative events that could help raise funds and involve your friends. Habitat will provide support.

7- Say thank you.
Thank donors directly after each
donation is received and follow-up with a ‘thank you’ note.