YouthBuild Vancouver

YouthBuild Vancouver is a partnership Evergreen Habitat has with four local non-profits that aims at helping at-risk youth obtain high school diplomas or GEDs and learn construction and other work-related skills through academic trainings, on-site work experiences, and community service activities. Participants will also have access to apprenticeships and industry certifications in the construction trades as well as transitional housing opportunities through the Vancouver Housing Authority.

The students in the YouthBuild Vancouver program will build 2 homes for Habitat families through the end of March 2017. The group finished building the home for Melinda Patterson and her two boys on our site at Winchell Avenue over the summer and are currently in the process of building a home for the Bautista family. See Current Construction for updates on YouthBuild progress.

For Questions or comments about the YouthBuild program, contact Tim Wilmoth at

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Student Testimonials

“I knew right away that YouthBuild was different than other programs I had tried.  The program staff brought an infectious energy that made me realize that I had support to become successful [….] Not only was it physically demanding, but it required me to learn to interact with others on the job site.  Building the home with Habitat for Humanity has given me the opportunity to give back to my community and feel a sense of accomplishment.” – Isabella Rodriquez


“I like YouthBuild for everything it stands, the amazing staff that works with you and does their best to help you get your education and complete your goals.  They helped me to achieve and receive the NCCER certifications and my CPR certification.  YouthBuild gave me opportunities to be able to give back to the community for all the help and support I have received.” – Artem Gornik


“I like YouthBuild because everyone at YouthBuild Vancouver/Partners In Careers is supportive, positive and no one judges you by your past mistakes, and they’re here to help you succeed in life.” – Demitriy Gornik


“So to why I joined YouthBuild is because the teachers actually listen and help me on what I need to still catch up on and the things I was struggling with.  They pay attention to me more and to have that support and gaining so much knowledge helped me a lot.” – Daniel Banvelos