Our Projects

Geometry in Construction Learning Project

Students from Evergreen High School are participating in the Geometry in Construction learning project. They do geometry, algebra, and probability work indoors, and then move outdoors to complete hands-on construction work to reinforce the concepts. This class brings together math, physical activity, and teamwork, as well as helps to build affordable housing in Clark County. You can watch a video of the two halves of our first school home being put together here.

This is Evergreen Habitat’s 5th year partnering with the Evergreen School District and will be the 5 home the students have built. After the home is built, it is sold to a Habitat family with an affordable mortgage.

Neighborhood Revitalization  

NR was developed as a holistic, Asset Based Community Development project by Habitat International. Under its tenets, we have committed to work in one area, the Fruit Valley neighborhood of Vancouver, for three years with the goal of improving residents’ quality of life. We are partnering with community groups to put on events, workshops, and complete external home repairs for homeowners. If you would like more information on the project, volunteer, or apply for a home repair, contact Heather at 360-737-1759 or volunteer@ehfh.org.


Past Projects:

Winchell Project


Tandberg HomeGarringer Home20160801_111218







The Winchell property, located off Mill Plain Boulevard a block West of Grand, is home for three Habitat families. Two of the houses have been constructed in partnership with the Geometry in Construction program at Evergreen and Mountain View High Schools while the third was build by the YouthBuild Vancouver program. All three homes have now been dedicated and the families are thrilled to be homeowners and neighbors.

98th Ave Construction

Many partners have come together to sponsor our new construction project for the West Family. Churches in Partnership, First United Methodist Church of Vancouver, GINN Realty Group, and more have dedicated financial sponsorship, as well as volunteer hours to complete this home.

49th St/19th Ave Build

Evergreen Habitat built two sponsored houses on this lot, thanks to Wells Fargo and Thrivent Financial. The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation provided financial support, as well as team member volunteers who worked on site to actually build the house!

Thrivent Financial is a faith based, non-profit financial services organization that is dedicated to creating affordable housing. Thrivent Builds helps provide Evergreen Habitat with a combination of financial support and volunteer labor to reach our goals!


Emerald House Green Build

Evergreen Habitat, Clark County, and Quail Homes partnered to build the first National Association of Home Builders Emerald Certified home in Clark County. This home illustrates elements of green building and their benefits to the area.  More information on environmental issues in Clark County can be found on Planet Clark.

Clark Vancouver Television (CVTV) did a great video on the Emerald House groundbreaking! It can be found here.